User Experience

Your audience wants a user experience that makes sense and engages them.  So do we.

We talk to and observe users to create user experiences they love.

For your product to make sense to your audience, it needs to line up with how they think.  Once you start developing your product, it’s hard to back up and think like a user.  That’s where we help.  We learn about your audience by observing them, talking with them, watching their online habits, and more.

Then we capture their preferences, likes, and dislikes in personas that help keep your users in focus throughout your product lifecycle.  That way, the next time you wonder what a user would do, you’ll be able to channel their persona when making design decisions.

Then we design user experiences that make sense and engage them.

Like the old idea of “measure twice, cut once,” sketching out the user experience before coding saves valuable time and avoids usability problems later.  Our user experience designers wireframe features and functionality to show what users would see and how they would interact with your website or app.  It’s much faster for customers and users to react to pictures than a stack of requirements they may not read or understood.   And when it makes sense, we do rapid prototyping to show more interactive components.

Either way, in the end, you’ll know what your product could look like and be able to gather user reactions before you start coding.

Our experience – finance, healthcare, government, education, and more – is as diverse as your users.

The user experiences we design differ as much as the users.  We’ve designed:

  • Transaction-based systems, to reduce errors and cut processing time
  • Health comparison tools and content to improve healthcare access
  • Online retail, e-commerce, and financial products to 
improve conversion
  • Intranets, extranets, and collaboration portals to promote knowledge sharing
  • Enterprise resource planning systems to promote employee productivity

Our designers have worked with users and teams since 1998.  We keep up with trends in user behavior and apps so we can apply those to your products.

User experience is too important to wait.

The sooner you include someone besides your own team, the sooner you’ll know whether what you’re building makes sense.  We can advise you on:

  • Workflow and navigation
  • Forms and transactions
  • Content and presentation
  • Feedback and messaging
  • Position, size, and color or elements
  • Branding and visual design

The bottom line.

We consider your target audience – age, background, education, technical skills… – when we design a product.  And in the end, it will show.